Friday, August 26, 2011


I talked to the people yesterday hoping that we get to go to court on Monday, so that Dontae would be legally ours here in Jamaica before we left for the States. But no such luck.  It was close but no cigar.
We found someone that can come and stay here to take care of Dontae while we are gone getting our finger prints done.  The thing is there will be some people staying here that I don't want my son to be around, and I mean at ALL,  Those people will be here 3 of the 5 days we are gone, which means Dontae and the sitter  will be stuck up in this room going crazy.  You see the same people are here this weekend, its bird shooting season here in Jamaica, so the shooters come and stay every weekend for 6 weeks.  When they were here last weekend a grown man wanted to hit me because he wasn't getting his way and later on he wanted to hit Mark for telling him to lower his voice and quit using such bad language.   Dontae was in Marks arms. (who did start crying).  So these cruel selfish people are here now, and Dontae and I are not stepping foot out of this room until they leave on Sunday. But unless Calie flies over here and stays, I don't see any other option then to use this lady.  ( I know Calie don't worry I am half kidding) LOL
As of three days ago now Dontae has got another tooth.  Yippee!
Please pray for us to have clarification with all this please.