Friday, June 3, 2011

Long Day

5:00AM yesterday morning came very quick.  Mark, Jenni, Dontae and I load up and head off for a 8AM Dr. appointment for BooBoo.  Which was at the childrens hospital.  The Dr. already had him on his schedule for June 17,2011.  But Dontae had a cold, so we had to reschedule for July 11.  Then we headed off to the passport office, of which the price is 130.00 a person instead of 100.00.  Then we went to get our fingerprints and so many things went wrong with that process that we have to go back on Wednesday.  
I love love Jamaica, but we always have to remember that they work on turtle time, which is very slow.  That is part of the beauty here, except when you want our childs adoption to be final.  We missed being here yesterday and really missed Gladys and William, they have become such and important part of our life.
We learned that  my girls buddy passes to come here in 20 days might be unavailable. So the thought of not seeing them is almost to much to handle.  Many changes around here as well, change is good unless its unbearable.  So we will just see what the Lord had in store for today.