Monday, June 20, 2011

Something new everyday.

Things change here in Jamaica by the day.  We might have everything planned out to the T, but then with one quick second everything is different.  We have learned this as we have lived here for almost a  year now. Its been hardest for Mark to go with this one, but I think he has adapted quite well.  He doesn't get all stressed out now, its just become a  way of life.
The single mom that I wrote about earlier on was going to buy into the business here.  As of today she has moved and is going back to Toronto CA.  You always here me say that William, Gladys and us are a good fit right? As lovely as this woman is, as smart as she is and lets not forget talented, at this point in her life the fit was not good.
Matty and Calie get here on Thursday, oh boy we are all excited. Just the fact that they will be with there baby brother is so awesome.
As for Jenni, some of you probably did not know that the reason why she had to leave so suddenly was because her father was not doing well.  And he did pass when she was there.  I know he was proud of her. And I am so glad she was able to be with him.  Jenni we miss you, and monkey keeps bring you gifts. :-)
We are still in need for $ to renew our passports,  Jenni got enough for hers, so its just Mark and I.


Kitty said...

Who is monkey???

Mark,Kim Lau said...

Monkey is one of the cats here.