Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weird or Normal?

Its crazy you know.... not sure whats going on with me, but I am so darn excited to have the girls here that I am being so weird.  LOL  Yes I know I am weird a lot of the time, but this weird is different.  I think Gladys thinks I am a little crazy. lol  Ok Ok I am a little crazy too, but like I said this is different.  Can't even explain it really.  I was handed a glass of diet pepsi from Peaches who is the cook here, and the entire thing slipped out of my hand all over everywhere in the office.  Just weird things, I am doing and saying.  What the heck?  Then I was just sick last night when I went to bed, like a sick nauseous anxious stomach. I guess I just want them to have the best time ever while they are here.  And we are having a great time so far.  Yesterday we all went in the pool and took underwater pictures.   LOL  Have I told you how much the girls LOVE there little brother?  Its like he has always been a part of the family.
I so wish I could say the same of my other daughter Alesia, she somehow feels replaced and says he is not her brother.  I am telling you all this so prayers after prayers after prayers will be said for this relationship to happen. This one is bigger then just Mark and I praying.  So please remember this while you are saying your prayers, we sure would appreciate it.