Saturday, May 28, 2011

Everything is gonna be alright!

That song has been going through my head on and off for days.
Jenni, Mark and I need to renew our passports.  We all were going to just let it expire since we were all leaving, but now now Jenni is coming back in Oct. to be and intern for Jesus for Jamaica and Mark and I can't leave until Dontae's adoption is final.  Jenni might not be let back into the country if they see what she did, and with us it could mess up the entire adoption process.  So once again I am putting out a plea to get 300.00 by June 2nd. so we can renew our passports.  You could donate on here or hand it to Jenni's mom or my girls.  We ALL would be so appreciative if you could help us.  
Also, Mark and I will not be returning on July 8th.  We find out on the 2nd, what day Dontae will have his surgery on his cleft palate.  We are shooting for the 10th or 11th of July.  After that and then as soon as the adoption is final we will return home to Bellingham.  But if God willing, we will not be staying long in Bellingham other then to tie up loose ends.  We are putting the house back on the market and selling a bunch of stuff.
We have found a good fit for us here in Jamaica, and with Dontae being Jamaican, staying with his culture would just be a bonus.  Mark loves and I mean loves what he is doing here.  He is working off the land, and that is what he was meant to do all along.  He is learning the entire goat industry.  He is still a fantastic Mr. fix it, and when he gets his tools here then he will be able to do some woodworking as well.  Soon we will be starting aqua ponics (I think thats what its called)  where food will be grown out of pvc pipes, water and a big tank where 500 fish will swim and fertilize the plants, so it will be all organic.  Then they can sell there herbs and such to the local hotels. Shortly the mama rabbit will have her babies, and then breeding starts all over again, so soon will be a million bunnies around.  
You see there is so many reasons why we will continue to live here. 
1. How much better our health feels.
2. All my problems from getting hurt are at least tolerable here.
3. Living on the water, the beauty, the sun, the amazing sunsets etc.
4. The Stress level is almost zero.  
5. The people
6. The slower pace
7. Hardly any fast food   LOLOLOL Lots of fruit and veggies
8. No need for all the expensive clothes
9. No need for all the everything one has, like we do at home.  LOL
10. Not to mention no more cooking or cleaning.  That will be done for us.
It is a new lifestyle.... one of which we need for our health.
 Our children at home?  lets not talk about that one..... That WILL be the hardest thing I will ever have to do.  But if we can come home once or twice a year, and they can come here at least once,  I will be happy.
We will have to find a new home for Haven and Angel.  We will be selling our truck and our car, plus much more.
William and Gladys the owners of Button Bay Beach Getaway and us just feel like we have known each other all our lives, and like I said, a good fit.  Mark is a huge asset here and I put in my two cents here and there, especially when it comes to hosting weddings and stuff, and the new website that is almost finished.
Not to mention getting to visit with people from all over the world, and never having to wear a coat  :-)
So we are super excited.  Treasure Beach is so amazing.
So now that you know what will be going on with our lives, next time I write it will be about Dontae's surgery.
Love and Blessings to all.


Denise said...

I wrote a comment and didn't see the post. I guess I did something wrong. I share in your happiness and excitement and this makes me want to come home and live there too.

Love you guys,

MISS LINDA said...

You have found IT !!!!! I am so happy for you that you realize that paradise is right there at your door step. Some people look forever and NEVER find what you have. I am sooooooo happy for you all and sooooooo excited to have Jenni as an intern. God is working in our lives, that is for sure. Thank you for coming into my life, I will be forever grateful.

Jenny Lee said...

wow what an amazing decision! I'm so excited for you guys. It's always hard to make life choices and life changes. But when you can actually see and feel how good it is for you, it's hard to argue with that! Enjoy, God has big plans for you!
love you!

Christine M. said...

I love your reasons for staying! I know the Lord will continue to bless and keep you both. I wish you all the best and hope to see you again some day :)