Monday, June 6, 2011

New Friends and Family

New friends and family and old friends and family, just makes us so thankful and so blessed.  I say all the time how much I love William and Gladys, and what they have taught us and the love they show us.  We haven't met all their children but we have met one and her family and I have talked many times on the phone with another child.  Its obvious the rock doesn't fall far from the tree.  
A few days ago we met another woman about 10 years younger then me with three children.  She is from Toronto Canada.  A very successful young woman with a company called "Fit Mom" that she started with her first born and a welfare check.  This business turned into a franchise  in Canada and she was and is well sought out and recognized by many. Her husband and children moved to Edmonton for her husbands career and she started up another franchise there.  Meanwhile her husband who is Jamaican works farther away and the family was not able to see him.  Her oldest son who is 12 got to be to much for her and no family anywhere near to help, maybe because the absence of their father, I don't know, Doesn't really matter, what matters is this......
For her children's sake she packed up her life got on a plane and moved to Jamaica.  Where all of her husbands family lives and the life style is so less stressful.  Her husband has not come at this time because of his work, but the simple fact that she was so so selfless and recognized the fact that her children would prosper here, they would be able to get very close with all their family is so beautiful to me.  I commend a woman like that.  She has only the best interest in mind for her children.  She did not have a good childhood and she just broke the cycle.
And we are lucky enough to work with her at Button Bay Beach Getaway.  You never know what will happen from here on out.
 I so rely on my Lord to guide me on every step of my walk.  He is one that will never let us down, and I hope to show this woman how amazing your life can be with Jesus Christ as your Saviour.