Thursday, June 9, 2011

So Long Miss Jenni

I have just said "So long for now" to Miss Jenni Bushaw.  Words can't describe all the feelings that are running through my mind right now.  I can hardly swallow because of the tears I am trying to not to let come flowing at drastic speeds.
It has been one amazing year with this young woman.  I have watched her grow in so many ways. She started out not talking about her feelings, and basically not even letting them show, to a young woman that is beginning to understand the importance of feelings and how they will and can effect your life unless dealt with.  I have watched her take care of Dontae as good as a mother would. Although the dropping things never did quite stop, but who the heck cares.  It was just so much fun making fun of her about it, and her being such a good sport.
I am really not sure how we are going to manage without her presence here.  She has had so much to offer us.
Amazing friendship, many many many laughs, a couple crys (all good) companionship, and love.
For 19 years old, and what she has been doing for the last year, every single person should be proud of what she has accomplished.  I certainly know I am more proud of her then you know.
I am sure my swallowing will start to be a little easier as the day goes by, but I am sure when I go to bed the flood gates will open again.
  Her room is empty!!!!!  I was not ready for that. The fact that I can't take her to Negril as a thank you present is hard.  I have always love you Jenni, but now its LOVE you.  You are going to make the best Godmother for our little guy. Thank you for everything,  I miss you you like crazy my sweet girl.


kitty said...

too bad there isn't a 'like' button on blogs. that would be cool.
you may miss her but guess what? I get to see her on sunday ;)

love you mama & markie

Miss Linda said...

Wow, you have been blessed with one terrfic young Jesus for Jamaica will get the blessing with her internship with us. I have watched as she has helped you and have been so amazed at the giving of herself to others. God has a mighty plan for her life and we are privelaged to have her work with us and watch as He molds her further.
I know you will miss her but guess what, in the fall we will come to see you and your friends at Treasure Beach.