Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So the Dr. changed Dontae's meds.  And yesterday I decided to look up the medicine, because I felt that he was not getting better fast enough for me.  Come to find out it is for womens cramps, but the side effect is how it can take down a fever.  (which it did)  But now he is not on a antibiotic, and the Dr. said he would want to take tests.  Although I decided I didn't like this Dr.  So I called Dontae's Dr. in Whitehouse and he told me to take him to Black River hospital and that they would admit him.  "Again"  I thought.  But then talking to Gladys she pretty much said over her dead body.   LOL  What an amazing woman she is.  The love and care she gives to this little man is incredible.  So we drove to Junction ( a place that I haven;t been to yet) by the time we got there about 45 min. away Dontae's eyes were just disgusting.  We ended up at this Dr.s office that pretty much said we were going to have to admit him in the hospital, until the Dr. came out and asked a zillion questions, and then said she wanted to look at him.  But we had about 4 people ahead of us.  We went out to the car to wait when her assistant came out and told us that everyone in the office wanted us to go first before them. "Can you believe that one?"  Gave me goose bumps because I was so touched.
This Dr. from Barbados was simply wonderful.  She checked him out so thoroughly, just like my kids Dr. back home.  Come to find out, Dontae has a bacterial infection in both eyes.  He has thrush, ear infection AND  
do you remember back a few blogs, when I told you about these blisters that Dontae gets?  A Jamaican woman told us that they are from him teething.  We had two Dr.s look at them and they said nothing so we went with what this woman said.  Especially since it really did look like what was happening.  WRONG!
Dontae was bit by a bug long ago that got infected, in which then it got staff infection.  So every time he itched himself somewhere, he infected himself all over again.  That is why they are never healed.  Now do you see why I fell in love with this Dr.?  He does not need to go into the hospital,and he does not need tests.  Still didn't get any sleep again last night, but I now feel like he is on the road to recovery.  So thank God for William and Gladys, who directed us to this Dr. and for all there love, concern and support.  I am really thankful that God led us into their lives.
Jenni and I are are almost better,  I swear that I should of lost 50lbs, since every single thing I ate came out within minutes.   LOLOLOL  No luck!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Will keep all of you in my prayers!! Love, Me