Friday, May 6, 2011

My Fathers House

We were sent a letter from Child Development agency saying that they have officially closed down My Fathers House and revoked their license.  Due to child abuse & Jim & Penie Koch leaving the island without proper correspondence  with CDA. Jamaica is sure slow when it comes to important documents, but they were not slow in getting the children out of the home, so that is all that matters.  Thank you to everyone for all your prayers concerning this entire ordeal. So keep praying for the Koch's and their future.

Update on Dontae:   He was allergic to the eye drops!!!!!!!!!  I should of taken a picture of him, because you never would believe me unless I did.  He looked like one of the sickest children I have ever seen.  But now only three times of new eye meds, and he is looking better.  Still sick, but at least not like death warmed over.  His smiles came back today, after being gone for soooooooo many days.  Made me soooooooo happy.
Fun Fact:  did you all know that Jenni drops almost everything she touches?   LOL
Fun Fact:  did you all know that I have been living with her for almost a year now, so guess what? I am doing the same.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
xoxoxoxo  Love ya Jenni


calie said...

Hopefully she isn't dropping Dontae....

Kathy Robson said...

I love reading your blog. I'm glad you got answers for Dontae and that you are feeling well again.

Anonymous said...

Well it is about time. You should circulate the letter so all the doubters can read the truth and don't think that you and Mark are making up stories. Love you noth

Denise said...

Hey Kim it's Denise I see i spelled both incorrectly. So glad you finally got the letter as I mentioned before

Anonymous said...

I pray for the Koch family that they will continue their wonderful work in Jamaica with each mission team and intern joining them this summer. I also pray for the Lau family that they can give Dontae a good home after the adoption is finalized.