Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Time flies sometimes....

Sorry its been so long since we wrote on here.  So lets catch you up.
The goat died.  :-(    I was hoping to see this guy up and running after his leg healed, but it didn't happen. 
We have been without water again for a few days and poor Mr. Mark is completely out of clothes.  Youth group was last night for the little kids and no one showed up....  :-( apparently there was a party somewhere.  So that was disapointing.
Ok all that was a downer   lolol  lets move on to bigger and better things   :-)
Since someone asked about Felix and Anita but couldn't leave their name, I find that strange and kinda stockish,  but to each his own.
Felix is with his family visiting this week, so he is with his sisters, mom and grandmothers just having a ball I'm sure. Anita has slimmed down a bit, not that she was overweight at all, but her clothes must of started fitting different.  So she is just darling as usual.  Her attitude has been amazing.  Her new mom and dad will be so blessed when she gets to move in with them. 
We are picking up the last of the supplies today that the school canteen will need to start cooking lunch for the children.  We are also pricing out supplies for when our team gets here. 
Oh, Dontae will be ONE tomorrow.  Is that amazing or what?


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Dontae; big hugs to Anita and Felix


Dyona said...

How fun! Can you believe you guys are parents to a 1 year old? Senna will be excited to know it's his birthday tomorrow. She (we) prays for all of you every day. Miss you! {{Hugs}}

Dyona said...

Duh...So forgetful...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONTAE!!!!!

Mom Lau said...

What's this with you guys having to go without water? Aren't those big tanks up on that roof? Why can't they be filled?