Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stuff/Things/and more stuff

First and foremost a woman in the States made some beautiful tablecloths to give to some of the women up on our mountain. Miss Linda asked us to take a picture so this wonderful lady can see who one of them went too.  We went over to Michelle's house to take the picture and she ran inside her home and out she came with it and held it up to get her picture taken. LOL We were not sure if she just didn't want us to come in, or she was just to darn excited to think about what she was doing. I will tell you this though, she has come over the last three days asking if we had posted her picture, and wanted to know what Miss Linda thought. Speaking of Michelle, she has special needs and so does both her sons. The older one is quite severe but the youngest Kemy is not so bad. He is 15 and can go to a regular school. That is if there is money for him to go. He can only go once in awhile, which is so sad because he is the only one in the family that could maybe do something with his life. So if there is someone out there reading this that would like to sponsor Kemy so he can go to school every day. We can make that happen. This would be an amazing blessing for this family.

 Ok, lets see what else has been going on. Dontae will be one years old on March 9th. Can you say "Cake" we love birthdays round here because we get cake. LOL Felix will be 7 March 26th "cake"

Mr. Mark will be 52 on March 20th "cake" LOLOLOL can you say "fat" LOL I think maybe we will combine Mark and Felix that way we can still have two cakes. LOL

BTW..... Does this blog maybe look a little better then the rest?  I think I am starting to get the hang of it.  Only took me 2 hours.

Well its time again to ask for donations, our funds are starting to get low. We are on our last few months here, and I really can't believe it. July 8th. will be here in a snap. We are still praying and praying and praying for an answer if God would like us to come back and be Island Directors of Jesus for Jamaica. This is an amazing opportunity for us to do what we love, host teams, do youth groups, get the clinic up and running for Dr.s and Dentists to come and volunteer, work the school, work with the church, have interns and on and on and on. This list is crazy. But the cool thing is its all for God, I can't tell you how rewarding that is.

The people up here just rock and the view isn't bad either. :-) So pray for us, pray for clarity please.

Remember I told you that we have kids on our front porch all the time? LOL Is this cute or what?
Everyday is a new adventure.

Look at this poor guy right outside our door. He didn't look so good a few minutes before this picture. A neighbor man came over and told Mr. Mark that he needed his help, his goat had broke his leg. Well it was really broke, just kinda hanging there and bleeding. Mark remembered that he had seen casting tape up at the clinic, so he casted the goats leg. Mr. Mark is no Dr. but he sure was today. Please pray that this little guys leg will heal properly.

Like I said..... Always an adventure.


Calie-Cat said...

check out my brother. he sure is a cutie :)

that poor goat... first he breaks his leg and then he has to deal w/ the fact that he looks like bambi. i feel bad for him :(

Anonymous said...

Would you be able to give some updates on Felix and Anita? I don't see much on here recently about how they are doing. Thank you.