Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A birthday and more that went wrong

Today is Dontae's first birthday, well I thought it was.  It started out such a good day, so excited to say Happy Birthday to him as soon as he woke up.  Taking pictures all day with only his diaper on.  I never did dress him cause today was a hot one.   In between playing with him, Mark and I were working out in the yard.  I came in to get a drink and Anita asked me how much he weighed when he was born, I told her I didn't know and I didn't think it was on his birth certificate but I would check.  So I am checking for his weight, (which is not on there) and to my amazement I see Dontae was born on the 8th.  Today is the flipping 9th.  Now I start to feel bad, I didn't dress him today, I didn't want to spend money on wrapping paper so I didn't wrap his presents, I didn't have a big party, the happy birthday sign I bought only because Mark and Felix's are this month as well, but I forgot to hang it it,  and I didn't decorate a cake, plus the cake and frosting was PINK..... (what was I thinking, other then I wanted to eat a cherry chip cake with cherry frosting)  I didn't really think about the fact when he is 20 and looks back, he is going to hate me.  I beat myself up for awhile but finally got over it, well as much as a mother can.
Last year when our youth group came to Jamaica on a mission trip we built a house for Solomon.  He was  not a Christian then but after our team leaving he gave himself to the Lord.  Well we hired him to come and weed whack for us everywhere for us.  Oh My Goodness it is looking fantastic, he has been here for two days and is coming tomorrow too.  So Mark and I were raking everything into piles and then taking it to the burn pile.  Until the neighbor very nicely yelled over to me that I was smoking out her laundry. For heaven sake, why in the world did I not know what I was doing.  I felt so bad.
We got water today ON and OFF, mostly off.  It is on now just in time for me to take a shower, after three days with out one and working in the yard all day, we needed it.  So I step in turn on the water, and
 wait for it..........NO WATER LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Thank God I can laugh..
And now as I write on my blog nice and clean from water out of a jug and a cup.  I need to ask for donations,
we are getting extremely low.  If you could help us through our last four months it would mean so much. Or maybe you could do some sort of a fundraiser for us in the States, or maybe give up a dollar everyday for lent,  Its not food but we would buy food.   LOL  Please pray about it.