Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cleanliness is next to Godliness...

In the last blog I told you that we hired Soloman to do weed wacking and machete work for us up here on all this land that Jesus for Jamaica has.  He has worked 4 days so far and is coming back on Monday to finish up his work.  He told us that this is the biggest job he has ever done alone.  But he is very proud of what he has done and so are we.  It is beginning to look AMAZING....  So we are going to post some pictures of work in progress.  When all is said and done we will post the finish product.  This picture of the goat and the picture on the right shows what the property next to us and in front of the clinc looked like.  Next shows what its starting to look like..

This is the side of the clinic, as you can see this looked like the right side with a trail going up to the door, which is right around the corner. 

Now this is the side of the canteen (kitchen for the school)  You can see what he has done and what he hasn't.  Isn't it starting to just look great.  I am soooo excited for the kids to come to school on Monday and see what there school yard looks like.

These two pictures are on the other side of the canteen.

  We have a tarp that we load the piles on then we drag the tarp over to the burn pile.

This cute little building are the bathrooms...

The bathrooms are right there to the right of the picture, which is the basic school that Jesus for Jamaica built.  Well they actully built all the buildings I am showing you.

This is the front of the school, and you can't see very well, but the piles are filled with garbage.  Actually I have never seen so much garbage everywhere, and deep into the soil..

Now you are looking at part of the front lawn to the school.  This doesn't show how big the front lawn is, but its perfect for the children to play on.

Mr. Mark is hard at work.  Do you see that faint look of smoke?  Well that is because somehow the fire jumped about 10ft. from the picture below and started a fire.  We got it out.  PTL

This is one of our two burn piles.  Solomon did all the cutting and then we raked and raked and raked.  I have counted 166 piles so far and Solomon has one more day. Holy buckets mon!  This will now become the schools new burn pile.  Where they used to burn there garbage it was right next close to the water pipe which is pvc.  The pipe was burned already but never went all the way through.  So now the problem is solved, plus its hidden
Here is the other burn pile.  We have to burn our garbage so this is where we do it. Everything sitting there needs to be burned on that little burn pile. This pile is right behind our home.


So now lets take a look of what Jenni and Anita have been doing while Mark raked and burned and burned and raked.

These are pictures of the canteen. This is where the cooking goes on and where the children eat there lunch. It just isn't cheery at all. Its a pretty cute building except for that. So we decided to cheer it up some.

 Those are the screens Mark built.

Check it out!!!  Is this cheery or what?  And the exciting thing is the teacher Miss Donna and the children don't know what we are doing.  Oh boy are they going to be excited when they get to school on Monday.  I hope they like it.
The two best girls ever....This is the only picture you get to see right now. The painting is done but we need to gussy it all up for you to see the finished product.
I hope you enjoyed seeing what we have been doing up here and there will be more to come.


Pat said...

So much hard work.......what a feeling of satisfaction you all must have.

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures, wish I was there to help. You need to post more of this sort of thing, to let people know what you are doing. Hope you were able to get the funds to keep going. Love you, Mom