Thursday, March 17, 2011

Different things

First I am going to post this darling picture of Jenni, but the thing is she is to darling for her own good.  She could be married 150 times over living here. LOL  Anyone who knows Jenni, the way to her heart is one FINE body (on the boy that is lol) and CHOCOLATE......  But in Jamaica, when they bring her gifts, they bring her Ackee (Jamaicans national fruit) Breadfruit, mango, papaya and many many other foods.  Yesterday, the motorcycle guy came up called Jenni from outside and said that the Rasta dude sent this to her, she came in curious to see what was in the bag,  she kinda jumped when she looked in and saw a zillion eyes looking back at her.  LOLOL  Fish fish and more fish.  One thing about having a cute girl around, we sure get fed good.   LOLOL  JK.  So here is a picture of Jenni cleaning the ackee she got for a gift.  You have to take the pit out and clean around it, she fried it  up with onion and cabbage. Pretty cool huh?  Now onto the bad parent award.  I almost didn't want to show you.  I have never ever had this happen to me before.  But Markie said his mom would appreciate it because when he was little she was baking and took the cookie sheet out of the oven and turned around just in time to touch it on the corner of his eye, burnt the cornea off.  I now know what it feels like Pat and its not a good feeling.  Actually its probably the worst feeling ever.  I was making dinner and I opened the oven door, I always look for Dontate, but for some reason this time I didn't and he tried to pull  himself up on the oven door.  I grabed him and handed him to Jenni immediatly while quickly graped the aloe vera.  I squirted it on a plate and layed both hands and arms in it.  He quieted down right away, so we just kept adding more and more.  Aloe vera is a wonderful thing.  Because when you see this burn, you will know the pain that would be involed.  All his skin was rolled back and had to be taken off .  It was awful.  But he is doing great.  We are taking him in to the Dr. today just to make sure we are doing everything right.  What a scare I tell ya. 

he is doing great!


Kathy R. said...

When my son was around Donate's age, I, too, opened the oven and door and he quickly put his hand on the open door. I know just how you feel. Take heart, he healed and is fine 36 years later!