Friday, January 27, 2017

Hibernation syndrome

Starting at about week three after surgery I think it was, all I wanted to do was sleep and sit in my chair and do Pinterest or play games on my phone all in between me sleeping. I did not want to go anywhere I did not want to answer my phone or texts.  I didn't really get that something was going on with me other then just having major surgery.  But my Markie said to me one day that for the last couple of weeks I had been really quite and all I do is play games and go on Pinterest.  When he said that I started paying attention more to my body. And he was so right, I was even not showering every day, some of the days I didn't even brush my teeth. (Hey, I never went more then one day LOL)  but still that's gross.  A lot of people get depressed.  That is one thing I can say that I was not, which is strange for my other symptoms. Some get very emotional. I was really kinda happy but just wanted to do nothing. The hibernation syndrome happens to at least half of the patients. And I wish I knew about it ahead of time, so I could of prepared myself. I didn't know of this until yesterday.
You see, our bodies start to notice that we are not taking in enough calories. Our body is missing food and thinks this is a famine and struggles to conserve our energy. So our body makes us tired and or depressed, so we don't have the motivation to do anything. This stage can last several weeks. And boy my has. I have felt darn good yesterday and today, so I am hoping its over. Time will tell.  Its kinda been a drag having this go on, trying to figure out the new food and eating thing not to mention recovering from surgery.
When our bodies decide to get out of this stage our body has to say to itself "gee this famine is lasting a bit to long. If I keep conserving my energy with inactivity, I will starve to death. I'd better use my last store of energy ( the remaining fat and muscles in our body ) to hunt up some food."

At this point our body will switch from getting energy from food, to getting energy from our fat (and muscle too if we don't eat enough protein) and that is what we want.  Once our body goes through this stage then the real Kim will come back. LOL  
It's so strange how our bodies work. I told Markie today that I feel like my body is loosing weight now.  And maybe this hibernation thing is why I only lost 5 lbs last month. Especially with learning how to eat right.  I do hope its over, I really want to go back to being me. Like I said, yesterday and today have been good, great actually, so maybe I made it through.