Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sick of getting sick

 I wish I could get this eating thing figured out. It is really starting to upset me. I have not figured out why or when it happens. Last night once again I had to leave Markie and Dontae at the dinner table while I got in my recliner till this sickness passed. Now this morning, I had one piece of toast and a protein shake (only half) and here I sit. So this morning, I can't go to church.
What I do know is I can't eat to fast, I can't take to big of bites, and I have to chew really well, all that's a no no, and I will feel sick quite quickly.
 When I say I feel sick, what I mean is my tummy hurts, I feel like I have a big rock stuck  right between my boobs, that is lodged, so much gas that I have to burp and burp and nauseous. And then usually ends with a headache. So during this time, I can't do anything. 
I hate it. I go into the Dr. on Wednesday and I am going to talk it through with them, so hopefully together we can figure out what I am doing wrong. 
At first I struggled with even writing the blog, but I thought, this is the whole purpose of writing it. To educate people on the gastric sleeve surgery. And with me, this is part of it. Today after this episode goes bye bye maybe I will feel like making some cards. Ha, I doubt it, then its lunch time. LOL Oh well, I will conquer this, you just wait.


Dolores Silva said...

Praying you are able to figure this out. I have experienced what your goung through- but only when I lose focus know what I am doing- when I eat- thats all I can focus on, because each bit is telling me something and I have to listen. Maria told me to take a deep breath after each bit and that is helping. Drinking is way easier than eating and I need to keep at it. Hang in there- this WILL get better and know that I am praying for you!@

Kim Lau said...

Thank you Dee, you always have such encouraging words.

Anonymous said...

I wondered why you weren't in church this morning. Are y9ou feeling better yet? So sorry this is happening. Love you.