Saturday, February 25, 2017

3 month post op

It is really 3 1/2 months. I can't believe how time gets away from me. When I have people private messaging me asking how I am doing, that is when I know I am behind.  So I apologize for that.
I did have my 3 month check up which would of sparked me to write on here, but unfortunately when I got to my appointment, my surgeon was running 45 mins. behind, so we decided to re book. However I did get weighed and am down 41 lbs. I am so close to fitting into a size 14. I have been an 18 for so so long that I was almost forgetting. I just need to go down from a 14 two more sizes and I will hit my goal. A size 10, that was the weight I got married and it was pretty easy to stay at that weight.
All the hibernation syndrome is gone (Thank God) I am feeling so much better. Feeling so good that Dontae and I decided to start walking. Well LOL I made a couple mistakes. The Dr. told me to walk on level serfaces (for my back and my knee) But I thought we could walk the urban trail down to my daughters house and then Markie could pick us up.  That way I wasn't walking up hill. It was after dinner and Dontae insisted on bringing a flashlight. So we set out. We got lost LOL (I really don't know how) now its dark.  I thanked Dontae for taking such good care of Mama because he had a flashlight and we could see.  He was so proud. Any hoo we ended up walking from Vining st to Orleans. Way to long for my first time out. My knee was freaking killing me. But other parts of my body felt fantastic. Needless to say it is now  hurting more then it is not. The rest of me feels pretty darn good, so I hope to soon start to exercise more without the chronic pain.
Eating is getting better and better. I am really starting to understand what I can and can't eat. Bread is one thing that I don't really eat. It does not work with me. So I keep on going on and trying new things to see what messes with me and what doesn't.
I haven't experienced the hair loss and I hope it stays that way, since I have pretty short hair right now. I also went and had a facial and I haven't had one of those since beauty school 36 years ago.  And it was AMAZING!!!! I am sold!!!!!
Since I needed to reschedule my appointment, I am just going to skip the three month and go right to my 4 month. See you then!!!!!!