Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My mom always told me that I have so much patience with raising my children.  But right now I am beginning to LOOSE it!!!!!!  Not with Dontae or any other of my children but with how Jamaica works here on adoption.  You see the right hand never ever knows what the left hand is doing.  And even if it did, it still wouldn't happen until its laid right in front of them.  I have had more patience then Carters got pills.  But as of yesterday, I am not sure how I will react when I see them today. So I think I need many many prayers for strength and patience.  You see, the Child Development Agency was to put an ad in the Gleaner 6 months ago.  The ad is looking for Dontae's bio dad.  If he does not respond then we are good to go.  Just found out  yesterday, that they still have NOT done that.  It only needs to be in the paper for 3 days but then the waiting period is 6 weeks.  "WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME PEOPLE"  see why I said pray for my patience.  Also we flew home in Jan. to do the home study, so we have more then enough time to get this all done.  They are telling me now that they still have not received it.  "IT WAS SENT OVER A MONTH AND A HALF AGO"  so they said it must be sitting in Kingston.  "WHAT"!
So have you figured out what is happening here?  Looks like Kim will NOT be coming home on July 8th.  I will not leave here without our son period.  So this morning we go to court with Dontae again. So maybe I will have more to tell you when we get back.
Have a blessed day


Anonymous said...

Praying!! Proverbs 3:5-6 Love, Me

Miss Linda said...

You are so strong and God will give you the strength to have patience. I have NEVER seen anything run smooth in Jamaica, could write a book on the way they run things. God has appointed you both to take this sweet little child and raise him. Right now you are going through the fire with this but soon you will give Him the glory for it all. We are to praise Him for the good and the bad. Just start praising Him and watch what happens.