Monday, April 11, 2011

God is so in control..... It's AWESOME!

I swear everyday of my life God proves this over and over.  How can we all be so lucky, so fortunate so loved?
Who would of ever known that we would be on this side of the island.  Do you realize we have moved 4 times in 9 months?  We now have the two most amazing friends.  Mark can listen to William talk night and day, well I could too actually.  Gladys is hysterical, and William is to in his quiet way. We just have fell in love with them and there home.  So God knew they were tired and so he sent us.  Markie is loving every single minute of the goats and working outside.  That is one reason we tell people to come and stay here.  My friend and her daughter came to stay this last week, it has been so much fun talking and getting to know Julia, who is just a doll face cutie pie.  Its been wonderful catching up with Linda, we are a lot a like at times, its kinda funny.  One thing that she is that I am not is, that she can pray so awesome.  Some different things have been going on and so we have been praying together.  How wonderful to know that face book and what I am doing brought her to Jamaica.  Another Christian woman, who lives not far from me.  To tell you about the kind of woman she is, she took part of her vacation money and gave it to us.  She also asked if she could finish painting the villa that wasn't quite done.  Who the heck does that? On there vacation??????  Just an example of a Christian woman doing what Christ wants us to do, and I am friends with her....... WOOT WOOT


Calie said...

Doll face cutie pie and WOOT WOOT were my favorite lines in the whole blog post... :P. Lol