Friday, April 15, 2011

Did I tell you we found the camera?

No I probably didn't, it was in Miss Jenni's purse.  Why was it in her purse? Don't have a clue, but we were searching for days.  LOL  So now I have all the pictures that I wanted to post.  Now its the matter of sitting down and uploading them.  When I try to put pictures on here it takes a matter of about three hours with the text and all. So it will soon come.  
Jenni dunked Dontae 59 times yesterday in the pool because she was trying to make him tired so he would sleep good.  LOL  he didn't!!!!!!  lol
If she keeps going at this rate Dontae will be a full fledged swimmer at 1 1/2 years old.  :-)  The adoption is going as planned so far. Sherrina called us again yesterday. ( Dontae's biological mom) She is just so happy that she knows where Dontae will be and who he will be with. Her brother wanted to talk to me as well, he was happy about him as well.  But then out of the blue he told me I must be gorgeous, I laughed OUT loud and said 'what makes you think that?"  He said because of my voice.  Now that made me laugh even louder.  LOLOL  So it can either be one of two things...1. He likes loud people or 2.  He's hard of hearing. LOLOL  All the same, it still cracked me up.  He wants to meet all of us.
The weather is amazing, beautiful and all around perfect.  But we still aren't into the HOT part of summer yet.  That is when you are never ever dry.  LOL
Everyone is doing good, Mark and I have our own room now instead of the living room, so that is a bonus.
We love it here, William and Gladys are two fantastic people.  They have done so much in there life and its just wonderful to sit and just chat.  William raises goats and sells them, and breeds them etc.  Mark is just soaking up all his wisdom.  He is just loving it.  The people here have quickly become our new friends.  A couple of them will be missed when we leave.  Did I tell you this resort is for sale, if you want to invest, Mr. Mark will run it.  LOL  Mark has not worked for an income for almost two years, so thats out.   LOLOL  But its not like we could qualify for a 1.75 million bank loan anyway. But you might, they would even carry the contract.  This place is so amazing, you would fall in love.  Ok, enough of me just rambling.  Sure hope to here from some of you. Really getting tired of taking the time to write here, when we hear nothing from anyone.  Help us out here.


Mom Lau said...

If Jenny could carry the missing camera in her purse for about a week without anyone knowing it, it must mean that there isn't much use for money where you guys are. What's money, you ask???? We're looking forward to the pictures, Kim. It sounds beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you guys have adjusted to the change of plans so nicely.


Miss Linda said...


Mark,Kim Lau said...

THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING, WE LOVE IT!!!!!!Makes me smile thats for sure. Love ya

jen said...

You guys are amazing the way you adjust so easily and make good of every situation!
Are living in one of the hotel rooms and eating your meals at the restaurant area or is there a little house for you? They have the best burgers and fries there - the kids and I were reminiscing about it the other day! Miss that country!!

Jenny Lee said...

So glad to hear things are going so well with the adoption! Of course he knows your beautiful he can hear it all the way from your heart! Love you guys.