Monday, March 13, 2017

A picture says a lot

I'm just shy of 4 months. I went in for my check up and my surgeon was caught up in surgery, so we had to reschedule. I was bummed because I haven't seen Dr. Kaufman since the day of my surgery.  So my appointment isn't until the end of the month. I want to share now because I think I am over my plateau. Either that or I am learning more and more of how to eat properly. I also have a new app on my phone called  "My fitness pal" that really takes the guess out of things. I know they want me at about 80grams of protein, under 50grams of carbs. and about 1000 calories. And all my vitamins and all my water. I will not give up my one cup of great coffee with cream and sugar, so instead of having a huge mug full twice like I used too, I just have one cup, and every so often I will have a second cup. And I am happy. I only get sick if I forget to eat S L O W..... and its crazy to think that once you get sick from eating to fast that you would ever eat fast again. But I must of ate fast before surgery, because it does happen more then I like.
I have been exercising,  not hard core or anything, and since my walk with Dontae when we walked way past our destination and didn't even know it, my knee has given me grief. The Dr. told me to only walk on flat surfaces but I didn't listen. My knee was feeling so great after getting some weight off that I thought I could do it. Well the walk was a month ago and my knee is still killing me. So walking is out for now. I hope I can continue as the weather starts to get nicer. 
So since I am just about at my 4 month mark, I decided to have Markie take my picture. It's the strangest thing though. I look at this picture and I just can't believe what I looked like and what I look like today. My eyes see the difference, but I don't feel the difference. But I do, because as of today I put on a size 14 pant, and those are new pajamas in this picture and they are a size large. WHAT!!!! But I still feel like an oinker. It's a head thing I tell ya. I have lost 46lbs. My goal is 54 more lbs. I will continue meeting with all the Dr.'s through out this first year, and will work on my head thing LOL.