Sunday, October 1, 2017

11 months post op.

Five months since I have written. Boy how time flies.  So many of you have asked if I was still going to be writing on my blog. And I believe I have told everyone that yes I will continue. But then I didn't.  So I have been sitting here thinking of why I didn't make my blog the priority.
Some of you know that we lost my father in law this summer. Taking care of him during hospice took a lot. Even though all of Markies siblings were here and involved, emotionally it took its toll. Then trying to get some summer in with Dontae before school starts. Then school. Not to forget trying to get my craft cottage all done. So something had to take a back seat, and guess what it was.

Check this out.
Not bad huh?  I wanted to hit 100lbs by November 14,2017, That would be one year, but its not going to happen and that is ok. My knee has been awful.  When I can finally start exercising again, I am going to rock. 30 more lbs to go.
One thing I am enjoying is wearing clothes and figuring out styles.  My daughter Calie is trying to teach me not to be so matchy matchy. LOL She wants me to go out of the box a little. For example, LOL I bought a pair of leopard pumps, to wear with my black leggings black top and my leopard duster.  Ohhhhhhh NOOOOOOOOO apparently you can't do that, LOL Ok well that is why I bought
the shoes. So I am taking back the shoes. Why have them if I can't even wear them with my cute duster. LOL   Anyway its been fun, Calie is helping me stay hip.  ha ha ha
I will go back in my blog and see where I left off and try to fill in the blanks, just not today. See you soon.

the shoed