Monday, March 13, 2017

A picture says a lot

I'm just shy of 4 months. I went in for my check up and my surgeon was caught up in surgery, so we had to reschedule. I was bummed because I haven't seen Dr. Kaufman since the day of my surgery.  So my appointment isn't until the end of the month. I want to share now because I think I am over my plateau. Either that or I am learning more and more of how to eat properly. I also have a new app on my phone called  "My fitness pal" that really takes the guess out of things. I know they want me at about 80grams of protein, under 50grams of carbs. and about 1000 calories. And all my vitamins and all my water. I will not give up my one cup of great coffee with cream and sugar, so instead of having a huge mug full twice like I used too, I just have one cup, and every so often I will have a second cup. And I am happy. I only get sick if I forget to eat S L O W..... and its crazy to think that once you get sick from eating to fast that you would ever eat fast again. But I must of ate fast before surgery, because it does happen more then I like.
I have been exercising,  not hard core or anything, and since my walk with Dontae when we walked way past our destination and didn't even know it, my knee has given me grief. The Dr. told me to only walk on flat surfaces but I didn't listen. My knee was feeling so great after getting some weight off that I thought I could do it. Well the walk was a month ago and my knee is still killing me. So walking is out for now. I hope I can continue as the weather starts to get nicer. 
So since I am just about at my 4 month mark, I decided to have Markie take my picture. It's the strangest thing though. I look at this picture and I just can't believe what I looked like and what I look like today. My eyes see the difference, but I don't feel the difference. But I do, because as of today I put on a size 14 pant, and those are new pajamas in this picture and they are a size large. WHAT!!!! But I still feel like an oinker. It's a head thing I tell ya. I have lost 46lbs. My goal is 54 more lbs. I will continue meeting with all the Dr.'s through out this first year, and will work on my head thing LOL.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

3 month post op

It is really 3 1/2 months. I can't believe how time gets away from me. When I have people private messaging me asking how I am doing, that is when I know I am behind.  So I apologize for that.
I did have my 3 month check up which would of sparked me to write on here, but unfortunately when I got to my appointment, my surgeon was running 45 mins. behind, so we decided to re book. However I did get weighed and am down 41 lbs. I am so close to fitting into a size 14. I have been an 18 for so so long that I was almost forgetting. I just need to go down from a 14 two more sizes and I will hit my goal. A size 10, that was the weight I got married and it was pretty easy to stay at that weight.
All the hibernation syndrome is gone (Thank God) I am feeling so much better. Feeling so good that Dontae and I decided to start walking. Well LOL I made a couple mistakes. The Dr. told me to walk on level serfaces (for my back and my knee) But I thought we could walk the urban trail down to my daughters house and then Markie could pick us up.  That way I wasn't walking up hill. It was after dinner and Dontae insisted on bringing a flashlight. So we set out. We got lost LOL (I really don't know how) now its dark.  I thanked Dontae for taking such good care of Mama because he had a flashlight and we could see.  He was so proud. Any hoo we ended up walking from Vining st to Orleans. Way to long for my first time out. My knee was freaking killing me. But other parts of my body felt fantastic. Needless to say it is now  hurting more then it is not. The rest of me feels pretty darn good, so I hope to soon start to exercise more without the chronic pain.
Eating is getting better and better. I am really starting to understand what I can and can't eat. Bread is one thing that I don't really eat. It does not work with me. So I keep on going on and trying new things to see what messes with me and what doesn't.
I haven't experienced the hair loss and I hope it stays that way, since I have pretty short hair right now. I also went and had a facial and I haven't had one of those since beauty school 36 years ago.  And it was AMAZING!!!! I am sold!!!!!
Since I needed to reschedule my appointment, I am just going to skip the three month and go right to my 4 month. See you then!!!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Hibernation syndrome

Starting at about week three after surgery I think it was, all I wanted to do was sleep and sit in my chair and do Pinterest or play games on my phone all in between me sleeping. I did not want to go anywhere I did not want to answer my phone or texts.  I didn't really get that something was going on with me other then just having major surgery.  But my Markie said to me one day that for the last couple of weeks I had been really quite and all I do is play games and go on Pinterest.  When he said that I started paying attention more to my body. And he was so right, I was even not showering every day, some of the days I didn't even brush my teeth. (Hey, I never went more then one day LOL)  but still that's gross.  A lot of people get depressed.  That is one thing I can say that I was not, which is strange for my other symptoms. Some get very emotional. I was really kinda happy but just wanted to do nothing. The hibernation syndrome happens to at least half of the patients. And I wish I knew about it ahead of time, so I could of prepared myself. I didn't know of this until yesterday.
You see, our bodies start to notice that we are not taking in enough calories. Our body is missing food and thinks this is a famine and struggles to conserve our energy. So our body makes us tired and or depressed, so we don't have the motivation to do anything. This stage can last several weeks. And boy my has. I have felt darn good yesterday and today, so I am hoping its over. Time will tell.  Its kinda been a drag having this go on, trying to figure out the new food and eating thing not to mention recovering from surgery.
When our bodies decide to get out of this stage our body has to say to itself "gee this famine is lasting a bit to long. If I keep conserving my energy with inactivity, I will starve to death. I'd better use my last store of energy ( the remaining fat and muscles in our body ) to hunt up some food."

At this point our body will switch from getting energy from food, to getting energy from our fat (and muscle too if we don't eat enough protein) and that is what we want.  Once our body goes through this stage then the real Kim will come back. LOL  
It's so strange how our bodies work. I told Markie today that I feel like my body is loosing weight now.  And maybe this hibernation thing is why I only lost 5 lbs last month. Especially with learning how to eat right.  I do hope its over, I really want to go back to being me. Like I said, yesterday and today have been good, great actually, so maybe I made it through.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Two Months

Had my two month check up. The first thing I said to my nutritionist was "I don't think I have lost anything, can that even happen? LOL  She said Yes, you are just standing on the landing of the stairs. That is how the weight loss will happen for you now. I will be on the landing, and then there will be a weight drop, then back on the landing.
So off to be weighed.   FIVE Lbs.  WHAT!!!!!!!  I may have said I didn't think I lost anything, but it didn't mean I wanted it to be right. So my nutritionist and I sat down to talk.  I had many questions about food choices and how I have been feeling etc. And the main thing I found out is I am not eating right. Which totally makes sense to me now, and why I am feeling hunger pains. She told me if I am feeling real hunger pains, then I am starving to death. She told me that I no matter what I am eating, I need to eat the protein first, or some of it. Lets say we made tacos, the protein in taco's is the meat and the cheese right. Well I just ate the taco, I can only eat one. I found out that the protein part needs to go in first, then I can eat the taco. I wrote her today to ask her "why"? why do I need to do that, its just not making sense to me. This is what she wrote.

You are stacking your food of your meal to use the new anatomy of your stomach (long and narrow) to serve your better. It keeps the small amount of food you are eating in your stomach longer and stacking it up so it reaches the upper stretch receptors at the top of your stomach. These stretch receptors at the top have the job of letting your brain know that the food is full and has reached the top. “You are comfortably topped off.”  When you put a solid form of protein 1st, it lands on the bottom of the stomach where you have different stretch receptors near the exit valve which the weight send a different message to your brain - “food has started to arrive and it has weight”.   Solid protein is a more complex food that takes time to process and is able to exit the stomach s-l-o-w-l-y over time.  Then other food that you eat after the bottom protein food will stack up on top of this 1st protein so as it can’t leave until the solid protein has slowly exited. Hence, your small amount of food total for your feeding gives impression that you have had a more enduring and complete meal. In other words, you are essentially sort of telling your brain that you have a “full” meal which is truly small sized.   If a person who does not have a sleeve but eats a solid protein food as part of their meal but not necessarily1st will fill more satisfied. But a non-sleeve stomach will rearrange it around.

So, today I did it right, and lo and be hold I feel better.  So now maybe I will get my energy back and can start back to exercising. Like I have said before, this process sure has a huge learning curve. I am still happy I took this step and I am down 35 lbs.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sick of getting sick

 I wish I could get this eating thing figured out. It is really starting to upset me. I have not figured out why or when it happens. Last night once again I had to leave Markie and Dontae at the dinner table while I got in my recliner till this sickness passed. Now this morning, I had one piece of toast and a protein shake (only half) and here I sit. So this morning, I can't go to church.
What I do know is I can't eat to fast, I can't take to big of bites, and I have to chew really well, all that's a no no, and I will feel sick quite quickly.
 When I say I feel sick, what I mean is my tummy hurts, I feel like I have a big rock stuck  right between my boobs, that is lodged, so much gas that I have to burp and burp and nauseous. And then usually ends with a headache. So during this time, I can't do anything. 
I hate it. I go into the Dr. on Wednesday and I am going to talk it through with them, so hopefully together we can figure out what I am doing wrong. 
At first I struggled with even writing the blog, but I thought, this is the whole purpose of writing it. To educate people on the gastric sleeve surgery. And with me, this is part of it. Today after this episode goes bye bye maybe I will feel like making some cards. Ha, I doubt it, then its lunch time. LOL Oh well, I will conquer this, you just wait.