Tuesday, December 20, 2016

One month since surgery

I would and should be just so so happy that one month has gone by. They say that is the hardest of them all. However, I am having a hard time being so excited because for the last two weeks I, um, cough, cough, cough, lol have been completely constipated.  To the point that I am not able to get all my liquids down in a day, also food. I see food and I gag. Not to mention the freaking pain in my gut.
But yesterday I met with all my different specialists for my one month check. And, its very common at this time because two weeks ago is when I started eating food, instead of something soft and pureed. Ok that makes since, but still doesn't solve my problem lol.
First off, I was weighed. 216 lbs. I started at 244lbs. so down 28lbs. I told Mark, that I have 2 lbs. of $hit stuck in me, so I'm saying 30 lbs. LOLOL Hey, I have to make fun of this miserable moment. LOL
I then did the bod pod. Which tells us the percentage of fat verses muscle that is being lost. I am almost 50/50. They told me, that this is pretty much the norm at this time, because I am in the process of figuring out what to eat and when to eat and how much to eat. Also I get to introduce exercising.
They want me for the next two months to really concentrate on finding the foods that work for me but have high protein.
Next was exercise. I had purchased the TRX about a month ago to prepare for when I could start to exercise. Especially because Nate, my trainer had me try it and it didn't hurt my knee.
Here it is. This girl is using it outside, but we are attaching it to a stud on our wall. This works for me on so many levels. With a messed up neck and back, knee and very over weight, This TRX helps with holding some of my body weight. So Nate showed me the exercises he wants me to start. I have to say, this feels pretty good.
Next appointment was with the nutritionist. She told me what I could do for my constipation since Milk of magnisa was NOT lol working. And she gave me some recipes of different foods baked up into muffin tins and then frozen. Easy to pull out for a lunch.  I am all over this, because lunch has been a hard one for me.
Next off to psych. We learned that going through  a major thing like this in your life can start problems with relationships if you both are not aware what to look for and to understand why different things are happening. Also, she taught us about how others will start to treat me once it becomes more obvious whats happening with me. And how important it is to  my psychy to say the right thing back to people. I know this probably doesn't make any sense to you the reader, but for me it was a very good session.
This company Eviva is just awesome. This aftercare that they do for their patients is second to none.
Next appointment for me will be in a month here in Bellingham. And I think I am not going to weigh myself until then. 
Oh, did I tell you????? I have had an entire week with regular coffee. Whoooo HOOOOOO. LOL


Dolores Silva said...

Oh, can't wait for coffee!!

Jennifer Hagerty said...

Keep up the good work. I am 10yrs 2 days post op. I went from 472lbs to 168lbs in a year. 6 years later I found myself back at 311lbs. I got super strict with diet and exercise this last year and I am back down to 205lbs. So keep in mind this is an amazing tool you just have to keep using it properly.
You are doing amazing!

I wonder if the doc would okay you to add an ensure with fiber or a splash of prune juice to help with the constipation??

I started with blended black beans and scrambled egg for my first few solids. The first few times I struggled to keep it down and then I realized I needed smaller bites and at a slower rate.

The funniest thing I have found and several friends have the same thing, when we get full now we sneeze or our nose runs. If we take 1 more bite after that we get sick. Its the craziest thing.

Thank you for sharing your journey so openly. This is great!!

Take pics once a month and watch yourself transform. Its amazing!

Supporting you from afar. You got this!!

Kim Lau said...

Thank you Jennifer for your support. Loved hearing your story. I giggled when you said about your nose running or a sneeze. I get the hiccups. LOL And yes one more bite, ugh.