Thursday, June 27, 2013

Something my husby wrote on Facebook today

Pin ItThis is so worthy of posting on my blog.  This is so how we feel and I am proud that Marky wrote it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Maybe this will get me off my butt to continue writing on here.  :-) 

I just read the story about the man who was lead by God to deliver a gallon of milk to some strangers. in the middle of the night, who were praying for it because they had no money and their baby was hungry.
It made me cry, but it also reminded me of something that Kim and I have the miraculous fortune to experience almost daily.
While we were serving in Jamaica for a year and a half ( some of you know our story) we were never afraid. We did have times when we ran out of money, but as He would do for us back here at home, He would rain money down from heaven on us when we prayed to Him. We would receive a donation, or someone would , somehow come through for us.
We finally had to tap into our own private retirement account to get us through, but, thank God it was there.
He has always provided for us when we need it most.
Another thing we experience almost every day is that we run into people, when at the laundry-mat, or at a store, or when picking up something through Craigslist for homeschooling, or some other occurrence, who are fellow Christians . We get to talking and , inevitability, we share our story of our mission work and Dontae with them, and God does His thing. They gift us with their story of Faith, or they bless us with something we need, or they simply bask in the Glory of Our Lord.
I must admit that, when we knew we had to return home from Jamaica, I was concerned with the reception we would receive from fellow Americans, because this country seems to be so engulfed with materialism and disdain for those of us who follow Christ's Will for us. To say the least, I have been very pleasantly surprised and blessed by how He continually puts us in a position to share our story and our Faith with genuinely beautiful people in so many unexpected ways.
I can't tell you how often this happens now. I can't express how it has changed our lives, and the lives of those we encounter, but I can tell you this. He is always present. He is always at work with His Children. He is always blessing us, and those we meet, whether in person, or on Facebook, or even anonymously through word of mouth.
Once you know Christ is with you, and you follow His desires for you, you become aware of how His Grace and Love work daily in your life.
I wish everyone would take a chance on God and let the Glory of Christ's love for us change and move their lives in ways they won't believe or even understand.
If you don't know Jesus, or refuse Him to enter your life for whatever reason, you are short changing yourself, your family, and your time here on Earth.
Give God a chance. Listen and pray. He is the answer to your problems. He is the Creator of all that is. He is Truth and Love. And He wants this World to live in Peace and unity.
I truly believe and understand that, if ALL of humanity would follow Him, this World would be a much better place. And Peace on Earth would finally be achieved.
Blessings to everyone. And I mean EVERYONE !