Monday, April 12, 2010

50's night scrapbooking style

This last weekend was my last scrapbook retreat until I get back from Jamaica. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it was. No sleep, no sleep, no sleep. Very good food, and probably the most wonderful friends a girl could have. Lori Drouin, the hostess of this weekend, donated a raffle of a free retreat at a dollar a ticket, with the funds to go to Markie and I. Mind you there was about 30 women there. They raised 500.00 for us. When I see such love and encouragement and support come from people, it just makes me know even more, that they feel this it what we are supposed to be doing. You know what I mean????? Some people think its just crazy, that we would go and do something like this without pay to boot, and others well sometimes I think they are just thinking we are going on an extended vacation paid by others. To these people, we hope to show them with this blog, that everyones support is so appreciated and needed for us to do what God wants us too. Thank you scrapbook friends for your awesome support.... hugs to all.